Friday, May 1, 2009


Last night I happened to come across with this very well-thought of and very beautifully and very professionally-made video presentation on Bohol Tourism - one that I haven't seen before - by a very familiar, or say, quite popular, name in Bohol's photography circuit by the name of Ted Ramasola. Sure enough when I clicked that play button of the video stream my eyes were transported to unbelievable artistic sceneries I may have already seen in past videos but not in the manner it was imagined or projected by this talented video artist who could easily be tagged as in a class by himself. I'm almost tempted to be on the begging-mode just so I could scream, "believe me 'cause I'm telling the truth!" but my "still-sane" pride and delikadesa are suggesting otherwise but invite me instead to invite you to see it for yourself and be the judge yourselves:

To view source go to: BOHOL ISLAND TOURISM


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